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Why Group Classes?

       If you feel, "My dog is not good around other dogs, so I need private lessons," stop and think about how you are going to get your dog to be okay around other dogs. The smart choice is to attend a group class.
         The advantages of a group class are that there are other dogs there and they are going to under control and supervised by me. Walking down the street and having your neighbor's dog come out and chase you and your dog around is difficult, but that doesn't happen in class. 
         One of the advantages of "Heeling Free:" Dog School is that you attend your first week without your dog. You learn how to train and get a week's worth of training done before you bring your dog in. 
         I've had people call and say, "I had a private trainer come out, but my dog still isn't good around other dogs." That's exactly why the group class is a smart choice for dogs that either aren't good around other dogs, or just get really excited around other dogs.

       Please feel free to call and talk about your dog to find out how "Heeling Free" Dog School can help you.
In Eugene/Springfield call 541-484-6680
and in Corvallis/Albany call 541-752-9078.
No charge for answering your questions.
Email is Heelingfree@yahoo.com