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"Starting Your Dog/Puppy Out Right" Audio CD

Here is what Mike Grantham, from Inverness Scotland, said about this CD

    Harold, this is first class, both in the content and in your presentation. At $12 it is an absolute bargain. Not only do you obviously have a deep insight into canine behaviour, you have a gift for putting it over in an understandable and accessible way - must be the teacher in you.

      When are you doing the next one?

      Congratulations and Best wishes


  On this audio CD you get over sixty minutes of effective, easy to use ideas that help you survive the many challenges of raising your new dog or puppy. You can start using these ideas on pups even as young as 7 weeks old. Get your own copy, or get one for a friend or family member with a new dog or puppy.

Track 1. Describes what you will learn on this CD recorded by Harold Hansen, who has, since 1976, helped people with puppy and dog training problems at his "Heeling Free" Dog School in Eugene, Oregon. Mr. Hansen is also the author of The Dog Trainer's Guide to Parenting.

Track 2. The Mom Leash - You can make this inexpensive training aid that helps with: chewing, housebreaking, biting, jumping up, running out the door, and helps you with those stressful situations when you have to manage your dog or pup around your children.

Track 3. Petting at the right time is the thing to do. Petting at the wrong time can cause problems. Find out when to and when not to.

Track 4. To crate or not to crate - Crate training, when used wisely can definitely help you with certain issues. However, using the crate at the wrong time can slow down your dog's or pup's ability to learn to do the right behavior. After you hear this you will know when, and when not to use a crate.

Track 5. The one problem trainer problem.

Track 6. Housebreaking - Find out the easy way to teach your dog or pup how to "Ask to go out." Plus you get other helpful ideas.

Track 7.. Bite Prevention - Three of the most popular games people play with their dogs and pups might teach them to bite. Some dogs and pups can play these games without any problem, but some start stepping over the line and chasing and biting and getting you both in trouble. In my 35 years of helping people with their pups and dogs, many people who call with chasing and biting issues have helped create these problems. You'll avoid playing two of the three games and change the third so it teaches good habits instead of bad ones.

Track 8.. Chewing - Getting your dog or pup to chew on his chews and not your things is the goal of this section. Find out why having too many kinds of chew toys makes it harder for to learn what and what not to chew.    

Track 9.  Surviving until you get to dog or puppy class. -    If you called and asked, "What can I do today to get started out right?" you would get the suggestions included on this track. By starting out right you will build a wonderful foundation for learning the right things and not learning the wrong things. Even if you just want your dog to have a few survival skills such as being safe around the dangers of traffic, coming back the first time you call and not jumping up on people, these ideas cost you very little to do and will put you miles ahead of learning through the school of trial and error.  

You get this information packed audio CD with over an hours worth of information for only $12, which includes shipping by Priority Mail anywhere in the United States.

Your order will be sent the day you order.  

Order your own copy for $12 now by using the PayPal link

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