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If treats aren't working, try "Heeling Free"
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If treats aren't working, try "Heeling Free"

You don't need treats to get your dog to mind. Verbal praise and petting work fine.
     Treats are fine for tricks and fun, but don't rely on them for your dog's safety and reliablity because...
 1. Treats are not always the most important thing for your dog. If your dog sees a dog or cat on the other side of the street and there is a car coming, can you be sure your dog will want the treat more than chasing a cat or running off to play with the other dog? My first dog got killed by a car in 1969, when he ran across the street to see another dog. For that reason, I'd never RELY on treats.
 2. Another reason is that food is not always you. Food can be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Half a cheeseburger tossed out a car window in traffic can be a dangerous temptation.
3. Finally, your dog can tell when you run out of treats. Is it worth risking your dog's safety when your dog knows you are empty?    Teach your dog to mind you instead of the treats, remember you always have your hand and mouth with you and that means you will never run out of praise and petting.

     If you want your dog to be reliable, without relying on treats, call "Heeling Free" Dog School at 484-6680 in Eugene and 752-9078 in Corvallis.
 You can also watch this free video.
 The Dangers of relying on treat training for your dog's safety.
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Please feel free to call and talk about your dog to find out how "Heeling Free" Dog School can help you.
In Eugene/Springfield call 541-484-6680
and in Corvallis/Albany call 541-752-9078.
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