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"Heeling Free" Dog School Home Page

Looking for Dog Training without using treats in Eugene/Springfield or Corvallis/Albany?

 Try one week for FREE. Try the class in Eugene, Tuesday, July 3rd you will learn what to do about Jumping up, Biting and Pulling on the Leash.

     "Heeling Free" Dog School is your smart choice because: 1. You can try one week for FREE. 2. Your dog minds you without having to use treats.  3. If your dog needs more help, or you have to miss classes, you can bring your dog back for FREE.                              

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      If you have a puppy, 7 weeks or older you can start your puppy out right and take care of housebreaking, chewing and biting. You can bring your pup back later for more help and it's all covered by the Lifetime Return Guarantee.

If your dog is older, you get help with all of these problems:

1. Your dog learns the basics: Heel - Sit - Stay - Lie Down - Come when you call the first time you say it.

2. Does your dog "Misbehave When Excited," or have bad habits, or these special problems? You get help with -

  • Barking
  • Biting
  • Digging
  • Chewing
  • Running away
  • Jumping up
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Pulling on the leash
  • Fighting with other dogs
  • Housebreaking
  • Chasing kids and cats
  • Ignoring you when you call
  • Only pays attention when you have a treat

3. Imagine your dog minding you the first time you say something. That is what you get at "Heeling Free" Dog School. No more yelling, shouting or having to tell your dog over and over again.

4. You get your dog to mind you even off leash.

5. You get help with real life problems like taking your dog for a walk, getting your dog to mind when company visits, letting your dog off-leash and having your dog come back when you call. Some training classes are for people who want their dog to be in dog shows. "Heeling Free" is for people who want their dogs to mind in the real world too.

6. Even if your dog minds "most of the time," at "Heeling Free" you get your dog to pay attention even when your dog is excited.

     You get the complete 7 week course with the Lifetime Guarantee for only $185. Compare this advantage to the classes that have you paying over and over.

     For more information, please call me, Harold Hansen in Eugene at 484-6680, or in Corvallis at 752-9078. Email address is Heelingfree@yahoo.com.

Mobile Phone Friendly Version

"Heeling Free"

Dog School

in Eugene

and Corvallis

 Helps with

jumping up

coming when called


chasing and biting

running away

pulling on leash



Get good results

without treats.

Try 1 week for FREE

in Eugene Tuesday, July 3rd

in Corvallis Wednesday, June 7th

7 week program for only $185 and

your dog gets

a lifetime return guarantee.

 All breeds and pups

over 7 weeks welcome.

For more information email


or call in Eugene 484-6680

in Corvallis 752-9078.



Please feel free to call and talk about your dog to find out how "Heeling Free" Dog School can help you.
In Eugene/Springfield call 541-484-6680
and in Corvallis/Albany call 541-752-9078.
No charge for answering your questions.